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Another freezing night? Afraid of getting sick? Or maybe your AC leaking and making you sweat? Those are consequance of being stuck with broken HVAC system. Fixing it yourself or with your neighbor could be an option, but remember it can be very dangerous and costly after all. Prime Master offers quick and guaranteed result for a reasonable price.

Prime Master specializing in providing professional installation, repair, and maintenance series of HVAC systems. The scale of work doesn’t effect an outcome when Prime Master team takes on the job. It can be a big commercial building, an office space or a small apartment room, for Prime Master there is no difference! We will find the solution and accommodate your need as soon as possible.

We know that our customer would like to keep a comfortable atmosphere and don’t won’t to deal with hassle such as repair or even replacement of faulty equipment. Prime master offers comprehensive maintenance program to customers as an opportunity to avoid hassle, and even if there is a problem, our team of experienced professionals would have your back!

Prime Master

Are you looking for a versatile company that can satisfy even most demanding customer? You don’t need to look father, Prime Master has certified professionals whom can perform appliance and HVAC  installation and repair of any magnitude from a simple home improvement to commercial or even industrial projects.

And If you would want to make sure everything is working and in a good condition, we can help with that too by providing  outstanding  and affordable maintenance  programs. Prime Master is your local practical solution in appliances AC and Heating!


Customer satisfaction

Scheduling appointments and information acquiring. ASAP and according to your availability.

Repair Maintenance

Repair, installation, outlook and planning Maintenance program to fit your needs.


Work order completion. We provide quality service unmatched.

Highly trained stuff

Work assessment and customer feedback. Customer satisfaction is what we strive for.

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